Law Firm D. Kaplan

The law firm of Dr. Daniel Kaplan, LL.M. with offices in the centre of Prague provides legal services mainly in the area of insolvency law, litigation, real estate law and commercial law (contractual and corporate agenda). Services are provided to foreign clients in English and German. Daniel Kaplan also serves as an insolvency administrator and a liquidator in hundreds of cases. The law practice and duties of the insolvency administrator/liquidator complement each other very well, and this connection constitutes a welcome added value for the clients of legal services, not only in purely insolvency cases.


Before establishing his law and insolvency firm in 2014, Daniel worked for more than nine years at prominent law firms based in Prague.

Daniel Kaplan has been a practising lawyer since 2005 (advocate since 2008) and an insolvency administrator since 2009. He is a member of the Czech Bar Association and the DACH European Lawyers Association (DACH Europäische Anwaltsvereinigung e.V.). He speaks fluent English and German. Daniel Kaplan made postgraduate studies in German at the Faculty of Law of University of Bayreuth, Germany (2002 - 2004, LL.M.). He participated in the European Football Cup for Lawyers as a member of the Czech Bar Association team.