Legal services

The law firm specialises in the provision of legal services in the following areas:


Insolvency law

Creditor and debtor insolvency petitions, filing claims, representation in incidental disputes, out-of-court restructuring, solving debtor bankruptcy through reorganisation, including the preparation of reorganisation plans, representing creditors on the committee of creditors, representing the aggrieved parties affected by harassment insolvency petitions and representing the members of governing bodies in litigation concerning liability for damage.



We have extensive experience in litigation of various kinds, including civil, commercial, insolvency, labour, and exchange law.


Real estate law

Real estate transfers, securing debts with real estate and consulting services for development projects.


Commercial law

Drawing up business contracts, comprehensive consulting services in corporate acquisitions, including due diligence, corporate law, establishment and transformation of corporations, liquidation of corporations, and representation at general meetings and in disputes between partners (shareholders).


We also cooperate with other lawyers (Daniel Kaplan shares his offices with three other lawyers), private enforcement officers, tax consultants, notaries and other experts, and we are able to provide clients with effective and comprehensive legal consultancy. We are also able to provide our clients with accounting services, factoring and in some cases even the financing of their disputes.